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“You know what time it is, the hour has come for you to wake up from sleep…”

Romans 13:11

Are You Still Sleeping?
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Dustin has been called to speak. The message is not his own, but what we all need.

Projecting in the light of truth, while watching and praying in reverent awe.

Dustin Katona

The Speaker • Retreat Leader • Cinematic Artist

Lanni has a story to tell. This story is bound to change the way one thinks.

RE-Think. Awakening to the (re)ality that we can c(re)ate a better world by (re)designing what already exists.

Lanni Lantto

The Story Teller • Retreat Cordinator • Upcycle Artist

There IS something wrong with the world!  Don’t you think?

All our life we have been told the lie that our PURPOSE in LIFE is to ___(fill in the blank)___ .

But your PURPOSE of BEING…is to BECOME.

Not become someone else. Not to become a far-off imaginary version of your self.  No.

Your purpose and ultimate destiny is to…


Join us on THE PATH of FULFILLMENT, and let us help you WALK THE WAY OF PEACE.

We will come and speak to your group or at your organizations event any time of the year. IT IS TIME TO AWAKEN OUR PEOPLE!

What We Offer







Keynote: Invite Dustin to address the crowd and to speak to teens and people of all ages, where with energy and humor he will share the JOY of life in reverence and awe of God. We will accommodate to your event or gathering accordingly!

Emcee: Dustin can help define and communicate the common theme of your event or gathering. It is Dustin’s mission to EMPOWER young men and women with the experiential knowledge of encountering the Beautiful-as Disciples of Christ.

Retreats: Dustin and Lanni direct retreats to remind us that Christ encourages us all to be STILL and alert, becoming sober-minded while continually growing in wisdom, which will invite us to open our hearts to transcendence, leading us before the face of God.

Workshops: We are ALL CALLED to “speak in the light” what has been communicated to us in our hearts. Through art and the examples of holy lives, Dustin and Lanni endeavor to help facilitate your group into becoming the best versions of themselves by living to their full potential.

Parish Missions: From over a decade of parish ministry experience, Dustin and Lanni seek to revamp and revitalize your parish through the visual arts, engaging talks, and intimately ENCOUNTERING Christ in His sacred mysteries.

Performing Arts: Dustin’s performances include one-man dramatic portrayals from the life of Christ and the saints, impersonations, ad-lib, movie and story reenactments, as well as presenting his feature films followed by Q and A.



Waking people up on how to unplug, retreat, and become what they already are.

Have us come and speak at your next event.